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If you’re going through the retail business loan application process or have recently received financing, you likely have some ideas on how you want to improve your operations. 然而, it’s important to review your retail business plan to ensure that you’re utilizing your financing in ways that will help you reach your short term and long term goals.

有很多方法可以使用 零售业务融资 to grow your business, which is why we’ve compiled this list of five ideas. After you receive a loan for your retail business, you’ll find that the possibilities are limitless!


在你决定如何利用额外资金之前, 你应该权衡一下所有的选择, 包括:

  • 小型企业贷款: Many alternative lenders provide small business loans to retail businesses in a range of amounts and repayment terms.
  • 商人现金垫款最可能的情况是,你的公司接受信用卡付款. 如果是这样的话, 您可能符合这个一次性bet8手机登录, 你要用你未来的信用卡销售款项汇哪一笔.
  • 业务信用额度: To finance your retail business, you can use a credit line to afford necessary purchases.
  • 小型企业管理局(SBA)贷款当前位置小企业管理局为各种类型的零售企业提供贷款. Their most popular option, the SBA 7(a) loan, comes with low interest rates. 然而, you’ll first need to approve that you can’t get 批准 for traditional funding options.
  • 设备融资如果你需要资金来购买必要的设备, 你可以从设备贷款或租赁中受益.

Once you research funding types, you’ll also need to ensure that you meet the lender’s requirements. 常见的 业务的贷款需求 包括:

  • 信用评分
  • 年收入
  • 在业务时间
  • 使用的资金
  • 纳税申报表
  • 提交抵押品的能力



既然你已经权衡了资金选择, keep reading to learn how retail business owners like you use retail financing.

1. 购买新的库存

为了 经营成功的零售业务, you’ll need the right amount of inventory that appeals to your customer base. 零售商业贷款, 你可以购买新的库存, 这样你就能给你的客户提供更多.

如果你经常用完某些类型的库存, 你也可以用你的零售业务融资来储备. 不一致的, 高质量的库存, 你的生意可能会受损, 所以考虑用你的资金来支付这笔费用.

2. 开一家新的零售店

If business is booming and you’re unable to serve your growing customer base, 也许是时候开始一个扩展项目了. 新开一家分店 could be a great business opportunity that’ll allow you to serve more customers, especially ones that don’t frequent the area of your current location.

当然,开始一个扩展项目可能是昂贵的. 你需要进行如下投资:

  • 购买房地产
  • 雇佣更多的员工
  • 采购库存

bet8app下载地址, 你可以负担得起新地点带来的费用, 不忽略您现有的商店.

最终, having another location can help you increase your retail business sales, so it can be helpful to use your retail loan for this type of project.

3. 为先进技术买单

利用 零售技术 能让你和你的员工的工作更轻松吗, 并让你为客户提供更好的体验. Plus, having new 技术 to unveil to your customers could set you apart from your competitors.

If you’d like to pursue 零售技术 solutions, consider making paying for expenses such as:

The type of 技术 that you choose should depend on where your business’s biggest challenges are. Use a business plan template to analyze where your business can improve. 例如, 也许你需要简化你的库存订购系统, 可以用一个应用程序. Or, your POS is old, and an upgraded version would benefit your operations.

通过考虑你的企业当前的挑战, you’ll likely be able to come up a 技术-related upgrade that you could invest in.


4. 雇佣更多的员工

Does your retail store feel understaffed, making it challenging to assist all your customers? Or maybe you need more employees for other areas of your operations, like the stockroom? Regardless, you may benefit from using your 零售业务融资 for recruiting new employees.

你们可能知道, the retail industry is one that heavily relies on the hard work and knowledge of its employees. Building a strong team is imperative to the future of your retail store. 使用你的小额贷款, 你可以雇佣招聘人员, 列出网上招聘信息, and have money left over to pay for employee wages and benefits.

5. 更新你的商店内部

Your retail store’s physical appearance will affect customers’ first impression of your establishment. 无聊的装饰, 过时的家具, or an overall drab feel can deter customers from shopping at your store. So, 如果你的公司内部需要重新装修的话, then it may be a good idea to use a retail business loan for these updates.

Updating signage, paint colors, and your store’s layout can give your business a fresh look. Not only should you try to fix the aesthetic of your business location, 你也可以重新组织你的商店的布局. 是否使用平面图模板来组织货架, or positioning items near the check-out counter to encourage last-minute purchases, 重新排列的方法有很多.

6. 投资你的营销策略

如果你想达到你的目标市场, 重要的是你要找到营销你的零售商店的方法. Using your term loan, you can pay for 市场营销 expenses, 包括:

  • 赞助的社交媒体帖子
  • 在当地出版物中的广告位
  • 直接邮件件
  • 品牌更新
  • 电子邮件营销计划

By focusing on new 市场营销 strategies, you can attract more customers, and in turn increase sales.

7. 改善现金流

As a small business owner, you know that cash flow can be sporadic. Due to this having an extra financing option can help you level your cash flow during stressful times. 如果销售缓慢, 一个设备坏了, 或者你有一大笔账单要付, 你会有一笔贷款来帮助你的零售商店维持运营.

Conclusion: Pursue Your 零售 Business Ideas with Additional 融资

Since you’re applying for a small business loan or have recently received working capital, 现在是时候决定如何使用它了. 希望, one of these five ideas will be the right fit for your business, 你可以开始推进你的行动!

If you are a retail business owner, what are your top ideas for using a business loan? 请在下面的评论区与我们分享.

编者按: This post was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in October 2021.


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