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长期 商业贷款 are a popular business financing option that can provide the stability and working capital that your business needs to expand. 然而, it’s important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of a long-term business loan before applying. It’s also vital to consider your business’s needs, current financial situation, and upcoming goals.

在这篇博文中, 我们会涵盖你应该知道的关于长期融资的一切, 所以你可以决定这对你的公司来说是否是正确的bet8手机登录. 在某些情况下, your business may be better off pursuing short term financing or another type of loan.


If you apply for a term loan, a business lender will provide you with a lump sum of cash. Typically, you can use this loan amount for any business need, including costs such as:

  • 房地产
  • 设备
  • 库存
  • 工资
  • 债务再融资
  • 营销费用

在收到商业贷款后, 你将定期偿还贷款, 包括支付利息和其他费用. A long-term business loan is paid back monthly over the course of several years. 然而, the term will vary based on numerous factors determined by your lender.

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一个长期的商业贷款项目可以提供大量的现金, 允许你购买昂贵的设备, 扩大员工, 并进行其他必要的投资.

相比 短期商业贷款 and other types of financing (like lines of credit or 小型企业 Administration (SBA) loans), 长期贷款有很多好处:

  • 较低的利率
  • 固定的付款条件
  • 按月支付
  • 费用较低(与其他融资方案相比)


  • A long application approval process, especially if you apply for a bank loan with long terms.
  • 在更长的期限内可能需要批准更多的文件.
  • You’ll likely need a high credit score in order to qualify for a long-term business loan. 如果你有不良的信用记录, you should focus on raising your business and personal credit scores instead.

Further, the large lump sum will eat into the total credit available to your business. 因此,未来你可能会得到更少的营运资金.



The business financing option that’s right for you will depend on your current situation and financial needs. 在下面的章节中, we’ll explain how you can determine if a long-term business loan is right for you:

1. 长期企业贷款机构更喜欢成熟的企业

长期 商业贷款 通常涉及大笔款项. 像这样, alternative lenders prefer to work with businesses that are already established and that have been generating substantial revenues for at least a few years. 经常, these lenders have a time in business requirement that will disqualify any business that hasn’t been operational for their specified length of time.

有资格获得还款期限较长的小企业贷款, 您可能需要提交以下内容:

  • 年营收
  • 月的银行对账单
  • 这几年的其他财务指标

为此,贷款人可能需要其他财务文件. 在某些情况下, 他们会想知道你现在的信用卡债务, 未偿还贷款资料, and other metrics that will help them determine your business’s financial health.

2. 放款人需要对他们的投资有信心

Usually, long-term business loan lenders prefer businesses with high credit scores. Your credit score indicates how likely you are to repay the loan on-time and in full. 考虑到延长融资期限带来的风险, business lenders will pay close attention to your credit score and business history.

Alternative and online lenders may also request detailed plans regarding how you’ll invest the money into your business. 例如, 如果你将资金用于翻新或扩建项目, 你的投资可能会有更高的回报. 因此, lenders may be more confident that you’ll have the funds available to pay your loan balance.

A business’s success often comes down to vision, planning, and market opportunities. Lenders may want to see all the above, and could request documents such as:

  • 你的商业计划
  • 现金流预测
  • 银行对账单
  • 纳税申报表

3. 长期商业贷款是企业的主要承诺

当你申请长期商业贷款时, you’re signing a long-term contract that will have a major impact on your company’s finances. Here are a few ways that this financial commitment can affect your business:

  • 你需要有能力支付每月的付款: As you make payments on your loan, you’ll have less money available for spending elsewhere. A substantial portion of your revenues may be diverted to repaying the loan.
  • 利息支付可以迅速增加: 此外,长期贷款通常利率较低. 然而, even low interest rates can add up to a large amount over a long enough period. 一定要计算出你考虑的每笔贷款的全部成本, so that you can ensure that you can repay your loan but still afford your other business expenses.
  • 你以后可能无法获得融资: If you receive a business loan now, you may have less credit available in the future. 放款人不太可能贷款给企业 已经有未偿债务. 你是否应该在未来面对紧急情况或机遇, 你可能缺乏回应的必要信用.

Also, it’s important to remember that taking on business debt is a liability. 长期 debt will be on your books for a considerable length of time, potentially increasing risks.

是经济衰退袭来,还是市场状况发生变化, 你会发现自己陷入困境, 被迫支付不灵活的贷款. 在新型冠状病毒肺炎大流行期间,许多企业主都遇到了这种情况, so this is something you should examine prior to taking out a long-term loan.

如果你不确定你是否能承诺长期贷款, 你可以先从短期贷款中受益. 如果你能负责任地偿还你的债务,但需要更多的资金, the lender may be willing to provide you with a larger loan amount with extended terms in the future.

Conclusion: Consider Your Business’s Financial Situation Prior to 应用ing

在办理任何商业贷款之前, it’s important to look at your business’s financial situation objectively.

Business loans can provide the funds needed to take advantage of market opportunities and to grow your business. At the same time, 商业贷款 come with their own drawbacks and come with some notable risks. Make sure you consider these factors before submitting your loan application so that you make the right decision for your small business!

编者按: This post was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in December 2021.


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