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当你的小企业由于未付发票而现金流很低时, 发票保理是一种快捷bet8手机登录解决办法.

Although it can be frustrating to wait for customers to pay off their remaining balances, 合格的发票保理是一个可行的解决方案. Invoice factoring loans are a great option for business owners that need financing while they wait for customer payments.

在这篇文章中, we’ll explain what invoice factoring is and review the benefits and drawbacks of this financing option. 在这篇文章的末尾, you can determine if it’s the right type of business financing for your company.


与 商业贷款, invoice factoring creates an increase in cash with money that’s already owed to your business by customers.


1. 第一个, you’ll sell your outstanding invoices to a factoring company that pays a lump sum, 通常是发票总额的70%到90%.

2. 一旦发票卖给保理公司, the money will be sent to your bank account and can be used immediately for working capital. This can be particularly helpful because instead of having to wait for customers to pay your business, 你将在几天内从发票保理公司收到钱!

3. 然后, the task of collecting outstanding invoices will belong to the factoring company.

It’s important to note that the company will charge a factoring fee (or discount rate) for the service, 通常是发票金额的一个百分比.

Even though working with an invoice factoring company can be beneficial to small business owners, 它也有不利的一面. 在申请发票保理业务之前,您应该权衡利弊, 所以请继续阅读,看看这对你的公司来说是不是最好的选择!



正如前面提到的, the most notable benefit of invoice factoring is that you can receive the money owed to your business without having to wait for customers to pay you back. 下面,你会发现其他具体的好处 发票融资:

1. 直接的现金流

当申请银行贷款时,可能需要几个月的时间来批准. 然后, it can take additional time to actually receive the financing once you receive your approval status.

相比, 发票保理可使您获得快速现金(在某些情况下, 你可以获得当天资金), 这样你就能让你的生意顺利运作.

This is an especially viable option if your business is in the following situations:

  • 你有短期融资需求
  • You have an emergency need and can’t afford to wait weeks or months to get 批准
  • 在某些情况下,你不想等着你的客户来付钱, 你可能需要等30至90天才能收到付款).

2. 持续的现金流

发票保理并不需要是一次性的bet8手机登录. You can build a relationship with your factoring services company that will continue if it makes sense for your business. Maintaining cash flow won’t be a problem because you won’t have to wait for invoices to be paid before you have money in your bank account each month.

3. 获得批准的机会更大

抵押品, 信用评分, and loan history aren’t major factors in determining your ability to use invoice factoring. 通常, the factoring company will be most concerned with looking at the payment history of your customers because this indicates the amount of risk they’re taking on.

因此, if your 信用评分 is low or your financial history includes other red flags, 发票保理仍可能是一个可行的选择.

4. 外包这项任务的能力

Let’s face it – keeping track of outstanding invoices and contacting customers is time consuming. Due to this, delegating those tasks to another company will take a major task off your plate. You’ll have more time during the business day to deal with other responsibilities, 保理公司设定付款条件并联系客户.

5. 不需要担保

发票本身就是抵押品, 这样你就不用担心提交房产了, 设备, 或其他形式的昂贵抵押品.

6. 改善客户关系

Some of your responsibilities as a business owner can be frustrating and difficult. 收债就是这些任务之一.

通过将这一责任移交给一家小企业保理公司, 在收钱的时候,你不必看起来像个坏人. 这有助于与客户保持牢固、积极的关系. Hopefully, it will enable you to create longer-lasting client relationships, too!



Although it’s understandable that you want to receive the money that’s owed to your business, invoice factoring can come with some financial and operational disadvantages.

1. 成本

与这类融资相关的费用可能是有限的. 通常, a factoring company will charge between 1 and 5 percent of the total invoice amount in service fees. Due to this, you’ll need to decide if the tradeoff for immediate cash is worth the loss.

如果你的公司预算紧张, it might make sense to wait for customer payments instead of receiving invoice factoring at an additional cost.

2. 负债

重要的是要知道你可能要对未付的发票负责. 发票保理公司不充当收款代理, and they most likely won’t take extra time to track down late paying customers.

如果你有追索权发票保理协议, 你要负责支付那些未付的发票, 或者用相同金额的不同发票来支付费用.

3. 对客户的依赖

当确定发票保理的资格时, the factoring company will look at your customers’ payment history to calculate the risk of taking on your invoices.

如果你的顾客有不按时付款的习惯, 保理公司也会假定他们不能按时付款. Due to this, they’ll be less likely to take on your invoices, because it may be too much risk.

4. 缺乏控制

Invoice factoring involves handing over complete control of your invoices to an invoice factoring company. 一些企业主不喜欢这样, because they don’t want another company having access to their financial information.

申请发票保理前, you should ensure that you’re comfortable with that company and their financial practices. 如果你选择一家有信誉的保理公司, 你应该相信这个过程会很顺利.

保理与发票. 发票融资

Now that you’ve learned about the ins and outs of invoice factoring financing, 了解发票融资也很重要, 哪个是相似的选择.

与发票融资, 又称应收账款融资, 你的发票是由贷方购买的, 但是您必须支付客户余额的一定百分比.

然后, the 发票融资 company will work on collecting the customer’s payment. Once they receive it, the remaining amount is factored back to your business. 这一数字不包括收购的创始费.

发票保理和发票融资都是有益的, but it’s important to determine which method makes more sense for your company. 如果你想要更多的控制收集你的未偿余额, 发票融资可能是最好的选择. 然而, if you want to avoid spending time contacting your customers about their outstanding balances, 保理可能是一个更好的选择.


并不是所有的bet8app下载地址方案都适用于所有的小企业. While invoice factoring might be great for some businesses, your company should also explore 其他bet8手机登录 如:

  • 小型企业贷款
  • 商人现金垫款
  • SBA贷款
  • 信用额度
  • 业务的信用卡

发票保理对于需要快速融资的企业主来说效果很好, 是否有按时支付发票的可靠客户, 并且能够负担将发票卖给第三方的费用. If this sounds like your business, you might benefit from an invoice factoring solution!



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